With it's official release date now set as the 29th July 2014 and available to download through Steam. This long, did I already say long? awaited game is being added to our roster. For more information contact icU°Singuru who will be leading the Firefall Army.
Guild Wars 2
Seafarers Rest is our new home land and our focus is WvW & GvG. To see more visit our gaming roster page and view our videos in the media corner.
The Elder Scrolls Online
We reside on the EU mega server and enjoy all aspects of the game. To see more visit our gaming roster page and maybe pop into our social chat group to well... have a chat.
Planetside 2
icU°Gaming are adding this game back into our roster. If you would like to join in visit our forums and leave a post. Based on the Miller server we are freedom fighters with the New Conglomerate.
Counter Strike: GO
The latest installment of the Counter Strike behemoth and It's back in icU°Gaming. Join us in this new addition to our gaming roster and save a hostage or two along the way. More details on our roster page & forum.
Miss those days of mining blocks and crafting socks? Then miss them no more. gave us the chance of a FREE server for a month, yeah FREE! Who are we to refuse such a generous offer. More details on the gaming roster page. Join the Minecraft social group while your at it as well.
Are you a GOD? If not don't worry, you can be. SMITE makes it's return to our gaming roster, more info can be found on our roster page, video gallery, social group and forums. Now stop reading this a go play or socialise.