Welcome to icU°Gaming

UK based gaming community since 2005.

About us.

We are a multi-gaming community that values friendship and trust between it’s members. We play games for the enjoyment of having fun, with like minded people, and also the enjoyment that comes from playing well as a team, in what ever games we may play.

Our aim is to build a mature gaming community that people will be glad to come back to again and again and still feel welcome as a member of the icU°Gaming family.



icU°Gaming began in July 2005 with a vision to build a multi-gaming community, with the fun of playing at it’s heart. Over the years icU°Gaming have played many games from genres such as FPS, RTS, MOBA & MMORPG.

It has had a competitive side for most of it’s existence in the following games: Halo, FEAR, CS:Source, Battlefield 2, COD 2, CoD 4 Modern Warfare, ET:Quake Wars, Guild Wars 2, CS:GO. At the moment our members are playing alot of Destiny 2, Battlefield 1 and Guildwars 2 to name a few.

Many of our members have worked hard to make icU°Gaming what it is today and to retain the original ideal for it’s conception. To have fun playing games with like minded people from anywhere around the world.


We use discord as our community social hub, follow the link below and become part of icU°Gaming.

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